A miracle has happened, my Son has so enjoyed going to your Southbrook  Holiday Program that I myself am relaxed and a huge stress is off my shoulders. The reason being is that my son goes to another school and a couple of days a week he goes to another Oscar Programme.  Well those days are so hard to get him to go to school that I had to promise him no after school care as he felt bored .  Also he is repetitively disappointed that they didn’t do activities or excluded him by not encouraging him to join in.  Super shout-out to your amazing staff, my gosh they I interact with the kids, they use the right words to kids and they have clear boundaries that make all kids seem at ease.  All of the Kidsbase staff are involved and also their space if needed is respected.  They are all positive and upbeat so much so that my Son asked if he could go everyday. This had me flabbergasted.  I’m so comfortable and secure that he’s safe, cared for and engaged in fun. I’m a bit cheeky letting him stay that bit extra/later in the afternoon so I can sit back and relax. 



Afternoon Matt

I’ve been meaning to send this email to for awhile now

As you know we have been going to Kidsbase for a very long time now and seen a lot of changes and staff come and go through the centre

I would like to say how awesome your staff are, they are so amazing with the kids and so easy to get along with I have seen a big difference in my kids who really love going to see what they are doing next I really think after all the years of being at Southbrook centre the staff you have now are the best things that have walked in the doors!! and I really want to show appreciation to everyone involved with Kidsbase.

Thanks Jamie 

I would like to take this moment to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Thank you all for taking such good care of James when he is with you. He always come home with something new to tell me and seems pretty relaxed which is so great to see.

I love that when I arrive someone is always watching him or is involved with the kids and not just sitting around, which I know can be so easy to do. The other day Mel was in the rain with James (and another child) in the school hut and I really love that he can still have fun no matter the weather. Mel and Darin are amazing and always ready to chat and make me feel welcome when I arrive and I really love seeing Matt kicking the ball with the boys when he is around too!  Sometime it is the small things that matter the most!

We look forward to seeing you all next year!


I just want to thank your Team for the brilliant and professional job they do. My daughter attended a different provider when at a different school a couple years ago and I can honestly say that your Team are 150% better! The communication is superb, the staff are friendly and most importantly, Eleisha likes going.

Keep up the great work and I will definitely be recommending your service to friends.

Have a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful New Year.




Hi there

I just thought I would give you some positive feedback on Jayden’s first experience at Kidsbase – he absolutely loved it!!! When I arrived to pick him up, he was having an awesome time playing with all the other kids, to the point where I felt bad having to break it up to take him home! And he chattered away happily to me as we walked to the car and drove home, full of stories about all the great people and activities – he was over the moon!

Thank you so much, it’s such a relief to know he’s happy and looking forward to going back. In fact, he told me he wished he could go to Kidsbase every day, and instead of school! 🙂

Keep up the good work,


We have had a positive relationship with Kidsbase here at Southbrook School for a number of years.

The thorough and professional service that is provided by the Kidsbase franchise has been a drawcard for after-school care and school holiday programme provision for a number of our school families over this time. We have been impressed with the support and programmes that are provided to the children and note the friendly and supportive nature of the staff towards the children. We have certainly appreciated the effective and open communication from the management and staff. As a school, we support and promote Kidsbase as the preferred care provider for our school families. We appreciate the relationship that we have with Kidsbase and look forward to it continuing into the future.

Southbrook School


Hi there Matthew,

I am checking to see whether Codie is still able to attend your holiday program this year, as I’m aware he may be a little too old now?  I’m know the age of the children that attend your holiday program are much younger, but I have found that Codie has excelled in this program and he has proven to be a great help with the younger children too.  Caitlin is FANTASTIC with him, she has a friendly, yet very firm manner with Codie and to be honest she has been the one constant that he has responded really well to over the past couple of years.  Every other program we have tried in the past has ended with disastrous results!

I’d really appreciate any help you can give me, Codie has shown a real interest in continuing with your program and also working towards becoming a program leader in the future as well.  It has been the one subject he has continued to want to pursue, and I am hoping there is some way we could continue with your program and work towards this.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and guidance, and thank you for your time.

Regards, Aroha Garth

Social Worker, Child Youth and Family

Papanui, Christchurch

Just wanted to say, Thanks for taking such good care of Cooper after school, he has had a fantastic time, each time he goes. You do a great job!!! You will be seeing cooper over the holidays, just have to work out days!!

Have a great Christmas and time off.

Thanks heaps
Karen Budge

Hi Matt,
My children attended Southbrook Kidsbase on Tuesdays last term (pick up from St Josephs).

May I first say what a great experience this was for my girls & I. Your staff there are exceptional, friendly, welcoming people and I had to drag my girls away every week as they loved their time at Kidsbase so much, so thank-you to you and your great team!

Cheri Whiting

Hi there Matthew,

Phoebe had a great time when we used Kidsbase in the summer and I do want to feed back to you that we felt confident leaving her there, were impressed by its organisation and the care Phoebe received, and won’t hesitate in booking her in for the July school holidays!

Thanks so much,
Jane Eltherington

Matt & Polly, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all you do for the children, I personally know Hunter and Tayla love going to holiday care and for me this is a great help as I can continue with my employment during holiday periods knowing my children are happy and well cared for. You have offered some wonderful and varied activities and I know there must be a lot of time spent in the planning and facilitation of this. While driving around Canterbury on weekends the children quite often point out places they have frequented with Kidsbase that I am totally oblivious to. I hope you have a fantastic break and Xmas with your boys and I look forward to seeing you again in the New Year.

Arohanui, Suzy Mills