All Kidsbase Programmes are MSD Approved which means that Subsidies are available to assist with the programme costs!


The OSCAR Standards provide reassurance to parents and caregivers that a programme is properly run and takes place in a safe environment for children. In addition, parents and caregivers may qualify for an OSCAR Subsidy. Parents of children attending unapproved programmes cannot receive an OSCAR Subsidy.

Work and Income offer “OSCAR Subsides” for all Kidsbase bookings, these are means tested subsidies which means your qualification status will depend on your household income.

For more information regarding how to apply and current subsidy assistance rates click on the following link:  

  • When completing your Kidsbase Porgramme booking on please tick the “apply for an oscar subsidy” box.
  • Kidsbase Management will then recevie notification of your rwquest and a new subisdy application form will be posted ot to you .
  • You will then need to complete all the required parent/caregiver sections of this from and take into your nearest WINZ office (this is a requirment of the application).
Please note that new subsidy applications can take upto 4 weeks to process so we suggest you apply 4 weeks before your subsidy needs to start, to support any booking.